A Word from Katherine Rogers, Music for Hope’s Founder

Music for Hope started in 1996 as a collaboration between me; a then young enthusiastic music student, and a group of young musicians from the community of Nueva Esperanza. I had a tremendous respect for them and their communities and I wanted to give something back with the only medium I knew; music.

Over the years this amazing initiative has grown beyond anything I could possibly have envisaged. Music for Hope now encompasses a range of partners, volunteers, teachers, community members and our hope-inspiring students. However, I am really proud that at its’ heart, Music for Hope is still a grassroots initiative that really responds to young people’s desire to be creative, to have a voice and to give back to their communities.   

I have often been asked why I do what I do for a tiny country in a forgotten corner of the globe, a country that has been blighted by civil war, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, violent crime, gang warfare and poverty.

In the end, with all its contradictions, El Salvador, the Bajo Lempa and its people inspire, humble and teach me that we in the Western world, do not have all the solutions.  When allowed to do so, people can work collectively to seek their own solutions. Music and the arts are powerful tools to enable people to do this creatively.