Introduction to the teacher team


Music for Hope’s teacher team are mostly made up of former Music for Hope students and are responsible for running our music classes and ensembles, organizing creative input into community events and evaluating our work. 



Eneyda Amaya

Role: Music teacher

Why did you decide to get involved with Music for Hope?

I decided to get involved because I love music, and I saw it as the best opportunity to grow my music skills. When I was child I didn’t have the opportunity to learn music because the civil war in El Salvador. After the civil war ended I took the decision to practice music and learn to help children. Now I am teaching music in the communities of el Bajo Lempa in order to be a good example for the future generations.

What do you like most about the project?

I like this project because it is a space where youth and children discover their personality through learning music. It allows them to have a better development of their mental health. I also love this project because it gives opportunities to everyone who wants to learn music and good values.  As a music project we don’t charge anything, it is free for everybody. Our economic situation in the communities does not allow to study music in a private school.,so this project is a good example of solidarity.


Tony Centeno

Role: Music teacher and project coordinator.

Why did you decide to get involved with Music for Hope?

I decided to get involved because through the music I saw the opportunity to help my communities and country. After the civil war in El Salvador there has not been an appropriate psychological treatment available to those affected. The government is doing nothing to improve the situation in our country. It feels like they don’t care education, agriculture or arts. Those are some of the reasons why we have the gangs problem, which is a problem that has brought death and pain to thousands of families in El Salvador. When I look at the situation, sometimes I want to leave this country but I stay because I believe that through projects like Music for Hope we can make significant changes in our society. Thanks to this project we are working towards violence prevention and teaching good values to our children in the Bajo Lempa communities. That is why I decided to be part of this wonderful project.

What do you like the most about the project?

I like it because this project really seeks to benefit the communities of the bajo Lempa , I like it because despite the economic limitations, the benefits can be seen and heard, and I like it because it is a project with its own identity that is evolving and adapting to the real needs that arise in our community. I like it because you feel a good work environment where the teacher has the opportunity to be creative and adopt the methodology that seems best, I like it because, although I do not know the team of English and Catalan collaborators, I know they want the best for my country as I want it. All together as a team we are working together to have a better El Salvador.


Wilfredo Rodriguez

Role: Music teacher

Why did you decide to get involved with Music for Hope?

As a music project I really like Music for Hope because I can pass on my knowledge to the children and that brings to me great satisfaction. I enjoy helping those children who have an interest and want to know how to play a music instrument. I would like to say that this project was the first project that gave me the opportunity to become a music teacher. That is why I really value this excellent project and I identify myself with it.

What do you like most about the project?

I like it because there is a really good relationship between teachers and the coordinator and there is always space to talk about different issues in the project. I also like that each teacher uses different methodologies to achieve their goals regardless of the different obstacles that everyone faces in the communities. We always show good results to the communities. I like this project because there is a really good relationship between the team in the UK and the team in El Salvador. Without their help we couldn’t help so many children in the Bajo Lempa.