Our Work

Music for Hope currently supports a team of fully trained music teachers, all former project students to teach music and run a range of bands and ensembles. We work in eight Bajo Lempa communities engaging with around 150 young people and adults. We also have a growing instrument resource and some PA equipment. All of our activities are free to enable as many people as possible to participate. Our only requirement is that students use the skills they learn for the benefit of their communities.

Music education is generally considered a luxury that only wealthy people can access in El Salvador. Not so in the Bajo Lempa, one of the poorest regions in El Salvador. The communities are literally ringing with the sound of music and our students lead the way in bringing energy and creativity to local community events. 

Our activities are managed in El Salvador by ASDACJI; The Association for the Development of Arts and Culture in Jiquilisco. This NGO is run by a group of young artists, many of whom are former Music for Hope students.