International Projects

Music for Hope has strong links across the world including the UK, Catalonia, Spain, Germany, Canada and the USA. Over its history many of these links have resulted in creative projects.

Reclaim the Future (2000) was a multimedia project celebrating cultural diversity made by young people from the West Midlands, El Salvador and the former East Germany. The show combined physical theatre, multimedia and world music to explore issues of race, equality and identity in a globalised world. The show was managed by Banner Theatre and involved a Music for Hope band.

In 2001, Opening Minds enabled the West Midlands contingent from Reclaim the Future to visit Music for Hope students in El Salvador where they did collaborative drama and music work. Based on this experience, the group subsequently ran workshops for schools and youth groups exploring some of the issues that had impacted upon them during their visit.

In 2003, one of Music for Hope’s teachers came over on a speaker tour to the UK, participating in a national Latin America solidarity conference and running a range of music and awareness-raising workshops in schools and universities. 

In 2009, one of our bands, Proyeccion Activa took part in a creative exchange in Catalonia where they ran Salvadorean music workshops, performed and did a series of talks to raise awareness of Music for Hope.

In addition we have helped facilitate visits to the Bajo Lempa by people who want to learn about, or contribute to Music for Hope.