Past Projects

Music for Hope was established in 1996 when musician, Katherine Rogers taught guitar skills to a group of young people from the community Nueva Esperanza (New Hope).  This musical collaboration resulted in the formation of a band, Lluvia de Esperanza (Rain of Hope), playing a repertoire of songs that embodied the spirit of their community.

After a further pilot project, in 1999 Music for Hope ran a year-long project to support the musical and social development of young people from communities across the Bajo Lempa. The project trained 5 young musicians to teach Salvadorean music, formed 5 musical groups / bands and helped develop community participation.

Between 2002-2005, Music for Hope further built the capacity of it’s budding teacher team through a programme of music and leadership teaching with Salvadorean professional musicians.  Basic project management training was also offered for two young people to help them to coordinate Music for Hope’s activities.

Since 2005, Music for Hope has enlisted the support of a pool of UK volunteers and supporters and funding from the International Performer’s Aid Trust in the UK and Fons Catalan in Catalonia to support our activities.

We also run fundraisers to help maintain and build our instrument and equipment resource.