Watch: The Story So Far

A video montage of the work done by the music teachers of Music for Hope in the Bajo Lempa El Salvador, and an interview with Sonia, the project coordinator as she explains the importance of the project to the youth of the region. (Spanish with English Subtitles) 2016.

The next three video clips tell the story of the work done by the music teachers and young participants of Music For Hope. In them, a participant named Ñoto tells his story and how Music For Hope enabled him to turn his life around and even become a teacher. (Spanish with English subtitles), 2013-2015.



In following three video clips, the music teachers of Music For Hope explain the development of the project, from its inception to when they were filmed in 2013 (Spanish with English subtitles), 2013.

Tim Hollins talks about his visit to the Music for Hope project in the Bajo Lempa region of El Salvador, (English) 2007.